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Henna Coverups

Sometimes I am asked about custom henna for another very special reason - this was the case when I was contacted to design a henna tattoo for a young woman, I'll just call Sophie :) who has a lot of scarring on her tummy due to some life-saving abdominal surgery she had as a baby just a few days old.  Sophie has very kindly let me share her pictures and story in the hope it may help give hope to anyone in a similar situation.

Thankfully healthy now and newly married Sophie had been terribly self-conscious about her scars and hid her waistline her whole life.  It was a dream of hers to be able to confidently wear a bikini on a delayed honeymoon cruise- something she'd never done before.

Her parents were not enthusiastic about her desire for a permanent tattoo, but her husband was supportive and she thought she'd like to see at least see what temporary henna would look like.  Sophie asked for a floral design with butterflies and was so excited about the drawings I sketched for her, which worked around, rather than right over the scars. 

I have to say we were all a little blown away by how effectively the henna drew the eye away from the scars! Her parents were completely won over by the delicacy of the design and to her surprise totally agreed that she should have it permanently tattooed!  I was so happy to have been able to help Sophie and what a thrill to have someone want my henna design permanently on them ?! 

Note, these photos are with the wet henna paste on, once it dries and comes off the stain underneath develops over 48 hrs to a natural rich brown colour.  It's not possible to get a very dark henna stain on the stomach, hence the photos of the paste on best show what the tattoo would look like in black ink.

 Empowering Body Image

Henna  Crowns

It is 7am in the morning, the air fragrant with fresh coffee and my lavender henna, the sunrise filtered into my home studio as Judy sits and chats with fellow Alopecian Nic, as she gets her henna crown.  Judy has flown all the way from Brisbane, QLD to be part of the Turning Heads Art Crown Project and Nic is a local girl from Caste Hill.  Neither has had a henna crown before, and I haven't done one so it is a new experience for everyone but we are all eager and excited to be part of it !  Both ladies have Alopecia Areata totalis, a poorly understood rare immune condition which makes them completely bald, and unfortunately without a cure.  Both have also reached a level of acceptance and comfort with their own skin and have a passion for raising public awareness of the condition - making them perfect candidates for a stylish vintage henna crown coffee-shop shoot that I was keen to capture. 

Nic and Judy draw lots of positive attention and interest from their fellow patrons in their Henna Crowns as they sip their coffee, and get lots on smiles and nods as they ditch their scarves and wigs and wear them around the shops and airport over the next week - they both mention how refreshing it was to have positive looks not negative ones of pity or shock -  these images were beautifully captured by project photographer Lina Hayes.

Since then I have had the privilege of doing many henna crowns for alopecians in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne and it is always such a heartwarming experience and such a special gift to be able to give.  If you or someone you know would like advice, help or support with Alopeica Areata contact Chel at the Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation.