Henna  Events

White Lotus Henna

henna temporary tattoo service and mobile henna artists for events in Sydney

Corporate Events:

Imagine a gentle breeze blowing through the colourful curtains of your henna marquee as your guests lounge on cushions at your next multicultural or corporate event.  If you are having your event styled we are very flexible and more than happy to work with your stylist!

We are able to coordinate teams of henna artists for large events and have a lovely network of belly dancers, tarot readers and snake charmers we can put you in touch with.  For corporate events your henna artists can be dressed in bright and colourful Indian Bollywood style or in simple traditional Arabic abaya (long, black embroidered tunic)  depending on the style or your event theme - Bollywood events, Arabian Nights or boho theme.

Below: henna artists at the inaugural travel expo for Dubai Travel Tourism.

If you are concerned about natural henna stain lasting for one week or more on your employees,as an alternative I can offer painted henna art with glitter and body gems, using body paints approved for use on the skin.  This is a very popular and can wash away easily after the event - see White Lotus Henna Faux Henna

Below: variations on our henna outdoor/festival tent set-ups