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Henna for Baby Blessings and Baby Showers

The best time for a henna baby blessing is in the last trimester.  During baby showers and baby blessings the mother-to-be will be pampered and get to put her feet up for a while while a slow as relaxing henna design is applied to her tummy using only the simplest and most soothing of henna recipes.  It usually takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete depending on the design complexity, and can be done before the guests arrive or even the day before if you'd like to be able to join the guests when they arrive.

The beautiful henna stain will then become a pleasant reminder and focus for the mum over the next week or so as she prepares for the baby and each time she sees it she'll be reminded of the support and love of her family and friends in her journey to motherhood.

Guests, family and friends can share in the henna experience by having their own smaller henna based on elements in the mum-to-be's design so in that way they are all symbolically linked with the baby and the mum-to-be.

And most importantly she'll have a wonderful, meaningful design, custom drawn for her and her family - with elements, style and symbolism special to her - and the memories of that will live on in photos that will last a lifetime.