White Lotus Henna

henna temporary tattoo service and mobile henna artists for events in Sydney

About the Artist

Helen is a face and body artist who runs a busy Sydney face painting business Rainbow Face and Body Art .  Always fascinated with henna culture and it's long history as a blessing and for good luck, she was encouraged to extend her face and body painting to include henna by a fellow body artist, the beautiful Henna By Riana (now working in coastal area of Sawtell, NSW). It was instant love!   That was 5 years ago and she is always learning and improving her skills, recently attending classes at the 2015 Henna Circle Gathering in Sydney and even being asked to instruct classes herself at the Australian Body Art Awards Convention in Sydney in 2015.    Conventions and workshops are a wonderful way to learn new trends and techniques in henna and to meet and network with other wonderful henna artists from around the country.

Helen uses only fresh, handmade henna paste from simple natural ingredients and organic henna powders, specially selected and sifted for body art.

Helen is proud to be one of the few artists in Sydney to belong to Henna Heals,  an international referral service for Henna Crowns, empowering those experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy and Alopecia Areata.  In 2014 Helen was honoured to receive the Volunteer of the Year Award for her services to the Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation through her initiatives to raise awareness of the condition through the 'Turning Heads Art Crown Project' and subsequent "Through New Eyes'  a public exhibition of the project images.